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1985, Minister of state for industries- was instrumental in bringing sugar mill in Vasudevanallur, Tenkasi Consistuency. Dharani Sugar Mills with 25crores of investment in hundred acres of land by an NRI which is a boon to the farmers till date.
Following that Maharani Sugar Mill in Sivaganga and Rajshree Sugar Mill in Theni. All which help agriculturist in procuring their yield giving them loan and advance to cultivate sugarcane and giving employment to many people.
Tenkasi bus stand was shifted to bigger place with basic and necessary facilities for the commuter with the help of the Ministry of Urban Development and Tenkasi Municipality.
In the small hamlets of his constituency many cottage industries, small scale industries, and edible oil industries all had been set-up.
Tannery industry set up in Pulliangudi and Tenkasi.
Yarns spinning units were set up in Tenkasi, Shencottai, Kurivikulum, Ambasamudram and Vikramasingepuram and many other places.
Seed research center in Pulliangudi through KRIBHCO.
Separate telephone exchange in Royagiri.
Most of the villages he made it a point that they get TV telecast.
He was trying to get Tamaravaruni (river in Tirunelveli) water to the villages in his constituency(which has materialized now).
Adavinayinar dam, Kadananadhi dam, Ullaru dam were the other ongoing efforts by him for the irrigation of the fields.
Passed - Building and Other Construction Workers Act. (regulation of employment, condition of service) which is a protection for the workers.- people of daily wages, low wages and contract labours.
Another act to help the families of lorry and truck drivers, who dies in accidents.
Farmers were protected by insurance and reimbursement of medical facilities.
Did his best to abolish child labour at the national level and encouraged their education.
Allotted houses to as many people as possible as an urban development minister.
In collaboration with Oman, India established a fertilizer industry in 1billion dollar investment with the expectation of meeting the need of Indian farmers.
Another fertilizer factory with the Spic company and Government of Jordan.
In 1984 there was a gas leakage in a Government company in Bhopal which was poisonous due to which people are affected physically, mentally and economically till date. The steps taken to rectify this problem was not fully carried out, when he became Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, he allotted more funds to this purpose to improve their economical facilities and environmental cleanliness. He also made arrangement for a hospital with 885beds for the people who had been affected in this accident.
In 1977 Mrs. Indira Gandhi was arrested. In opposition to that Sanjay Gandhi and M.Arunachalam gathered thousands of people protested in Janpath for which he was arrested and kept in Tihar Jail.
In 1988 the All India Congress Committee conference was held in Madras at that time they had opened a railway station and named it Kamaraj Railway Station. In 1990 when the Janata Dal Government was in power they changed the name to Maraimalai Nagar Railway Station. There was an agitation by Tamil Nadu Congress Committee in which he courted arrest along with other leaders.

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